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 My aunt Maisie and Winsome

" Hollywood" posing c. 1950s,  Mandeville Jamaica, WI

TMCS is a small non for profit 501(3) c historical society and fashion community established in 2017 and located in St. Louis, Missouri.  TMCS primarily acquires donations from the St. Louis metropolitan area, thus adding to the history, fashion and culture of St. Louis women, embracing all walks of life.  

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The Modern Classic Society

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“ keeping St. Louis womens fashion, history & culture alive

by learning from the past, informing the present and guiding

the future”  

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TMCS is seeking stakeholders who have time to volunteer and a genuine interest or professional experience in promoting our vision and mission.  Areas of need include museum management and planning exhibits, financial and fundraising management along with a passionate interest in planning programs and events that provide a relevant and sustainable platform for a historical costume collection in St. Louis for future generations.


Current volunteer opportunities

TMCS is a non-for- profit fashion community founded in 2017 with the purpose of building a viable historical costume collection through preservation, oral histories and research for the exploration of women's history through fashion and culture in St. Louis and beyond.  The Modern Classic Society will contribute to the knowledge and understanding of women's history and dress as related to fashion and culture.

  • Administrative duties

  • Collection management/ Archivist

  • Researcher/fashion historian & stylist

  • Community partnership outreach

  • Marketing / event planning

  • Membership

  • Volunteer coordination

  • Exhibit coordination 

Thank You For Supporting TMCS


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