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To Women's History Through
Fashion And Culture

TMCS is a small non for profit 501(3) c historical society and fashion community established in 2017 and located in St. Louis Missouri.   TMCS primarily acquires donations from the St. Louis metropolitan area, thus adding to the history, fashion and culture of

St. Louis women, embracing all walks of life.  

Hats, Shoes & Accesories
Women's Wear
Nelly Don Collection

Ms. Cislyn Holness c. 1950s, New Jersey

My grand aunt was an innately gifted and self taught fashion designer for the "downtown girls" and dancers" and a true "fashionista" herself. 

She loved everything about fashion, make-up, clothes and dressed the part whether at home or out and about.

"The Modern Classic Society was established out of the love for vintage era clothing, 1930s-1960s and the women who wore them. " Dr. Lisa S. Thompson, Founder of TMCS.

The Modern Classic Society's purpose is preservation, collection and curation of  artifacts related to women’s fashion, and gender history, as well as, the collection of oral histories depicting the lives and the influence of clothes, designers and styles of local St. Louis, Missouri women . 


The collection of historic fashion/clothing will be used for the purpose of building, preserving/conserving , and establishing a historical society for research, teaching and learning experiences through public education and civic events.  The society and its members will facilitate, participate and engage in presenting historic fashion shows and exhibits, providing reference materials and access to historic costume collection, as well as, collaborating with local schools K-12, institutions of higher learning, libraries, theater groups, museums and a wide range of charitable community organizations. 

The Modern Classic Society is a “little museum” 


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